Publicações XVIII

The large stones of Prehistory. Megalithic sites and landscapes of Andalucia

Texto bilingue: inglês e espanhol

Editores: Leonardo Garcia Sanjuán y Bartolomé Ruiz González
Editora: Junta de Andalucía. Consejaría de Cultura
Data: 2009

"The protection of Andalusia`s archaeological heritage is one of the Ministry of Culture`s priority objectives. The geographical range, temporal depth and thematic wealth of our heritage represent a major institutional challenge. The archaeological sites that form part of the landscape of Andalusia await the scientific research that will reveal the history of our predecessors. (.../...)
This book places at the disposal of the general public the riches of an important part of Andalusia`s archaeological heritage, as well as the results obtained from research into them and their protection and conservation. The megalithic sites and their presence in our landscape for thousands of years tells us of the unshakeable human will to transmit a message of permanence over the centuries...the durability of a memory that strives not to become lost in the deep wound of time" (p.301)

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