quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

Pedra Branca (Melides)

The chamber of Pedra Branca. Radiocarbon determinations (Melides, Portugal)

"the author presents the results of radiocarbon determinations of two samples of human bones, from the first layer of inhumations, found in the chamber and passage of Pedra Branca megalithic tomb. They point out to a long period of collective funerary use: from the Middle of the IV to the Middle of the III millennium cal BC.
The chamber of Pedra Branca has been also reused, on the latest phase of the Beaker period (Palmela incised group pottery), after the abandon of the monument, and the formation of a natural layer, which overlapped the first archaeological deposit. The author is not concerned with that latest burial phase.
To recover the monument foundation times, the author analysed geometric flint armature, called Pedra Branca point. This geometric armature makes the transition from the Late Mesolithic projectiles technology to the Late Neolithic/ Chalcolithic bifacially flaked flint arrowheads"

Soares, J. (2010) - Dólmen da Pedra Branca. Datas Radiométricas. MUSA. 3. Setúbal: FIDS&MAEDS, p.70-82