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7th International Conference on the Chipped and Ground Stone Industries of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic


Date: 14th February 2012
Place: Auditori Pati Manning. Centre d'Estudis i Recursos Culturals. Montalegre St, 7. 08001. Barcelona

9-10 Reception and Tribute to Marie-Claire Cauvin
10-10,40 Presentation
Cofee Break: 10,40-11,10

11,10-11,35 Nahal Ein Gev II – A late Natufian site/village?
Leore Grosman, Anna Belfer-Cohen and Ofer Bar-Yosef

11,35-12 Incised slabs from Hayonim Cave: a methodological case study for reading Natufian art
Dana Shaham

12-12,25 How to assess variability in Epipalaeolithic assemblages: Two case studies from the Middle Epipalaeolithic of the Southern Levant
Lisa A. MAHER and Danielle A. MACDONALD

12,25-12,50 The Lithic Assemblage from Hof Shahaf – Early or Late Natufian?
Noa Klein

Lunch: 13-14,30

14,30-14,55 Sedentism or mobility: can subsistence strategy be detected through lithic technology? Core exploitation and blank manufacture in the Late Natufian of the core area and periphery.
Hila Ashkenazy, Anna Belfer-Cohen, and Nigel Goring-Morris

14,55-15,20 Early Neolithic Flint Raw Material Procurement in the Greater Petra Region/Southern Levant. Research Possibilities and Limits as seen from LPPNB Ba'ja.
Christoph Purschwitz

15,20-15,45 The Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Quarry Site of Kaizer, Modi‘in – the spoils
Gadi HeRzlinger, Leore Grosman, Naama Goren-Inbar

15,45-16,10 Large Scale Larnite-Marble Quarries and Bifacial tools production sites, from the southern Judean Desert Jacob Vardi

Cofee Break: 16,10-16,40

16,40-17,05 The Bidirectional Blade Industries of the Southern Levant
Omry Barzilai

17,05-17,30 Naviform Technology at Göllüdağ: Some Remarks
Semra Balcı

17,30-17,55 The spatial and temporal distribution of the off-set bi-directional strategy in the Northern Levant.

17,55-18,20 Discussion

Date: 15th February
Place: Auditori Pati Manning. Centre d'Estudis i Recursos Culturals. Montalegre St, 7. 08001. Barcelona

9-9,25 Observations on the Chaîne Opératoire at Nahal Lavan 1021, Western Negev Dunes, in Light of Refitting Studies
Netta Mitki, Omry Barzilai and Nigel Goring-Morris

9,25-9,50 Long blade caches at Late Neolithic Shir, Syria
Dörte Rokitta-Krumnow

9,50-10,15 Caching and depositing in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B of Yiftahel, Israel
Hamoudi Khalaily, Ianir Milevski and Omry Barzilai

10,15-10,40 Household Stone Tool Production at the Neolithic Site of ‘Ain Ghazal
Theresa M. BARKET

Cofee Break: 10,40-11,10

11,10-11,35 Retrospective and Vision for the Future of PPN Chipped-Stone Research
Philip J. WILKE and Leslie A. QUINTERO

11,35-12 To be determined

12-12,25 Distinguishing between arrowheads and spearheads: the case of Çatalhöyük projectile points Lilian Dogiama

12,25-12,50 A Functional Look at Drills from Huzuk Musa, The Lower
Jordan Valley, Iris Groman-Yaroslavski, Danny Rosenberg and Dani Nadel

Lunch: 13-14,30

14,30-14,55 Chinese armatures – different approach for shaping arrowheads

14,55-15,20 Microdrill use at Khiamian and PPNA sites in central and north Levant (Syria and Lebanon) González Urquijo, J.; Ibáñez, J.J.; Lazuén, T. and Abbès, F.

15,20-15,45 Points with Palmyran Retouch from Tell Ain el-Kerkh, Syria

15,45-16,10 Hafting and maintaining sickles in the southern Levant during the 6th and 5th millennia Jacob Vardi and Isaac Gilead

Cofee Break: 16,10-16,40

16,40-17,05 The Natufian bedrock mortars of Qarassa 3: interdisciplinary methodology and first results
Xavier TERRADAS , Juan José IBÁÑEZ , Frank BRAEMER , Luis C. TEIRA , Eneko IRIARTE , David ORTEGA , Karen HARDY

17,05-17,30 Back to the good-old porridge - PPNA cupmarks versus late Natufian "stone pipes"

17,30-17,55 Grooved stones and the Neolithic–Chalcolithic transition in the southern Levant
Ariel Vered

17,55-18,20 Discussion

Date: 16th February
Place: Auditori Pati Manning. Centre d'Estudis i Recursos Culturals. Montalegre St, 7. 08001. Barcelona

9-9,25 The ground stone tools from the PPN site of Chogha Golan, Ilam Province, western Iran
Nicholas J. Conard and Mohsen Zeidi

9,25-9,50 First results of the functional study of grinding stone tools from Jerf el Ahmar, tell Halula and tell Aswad (Syria)

9,50-10,15 Preliminary Results of Trial Excavations at Nahal Hava: A PPNB Campsite in the Central Negev Highlands, Israel
Michal Birkenfeld and Nigel Goring-Morris

10,15-10,40 Qumran Cave 24, A Neolithic-Chalcolithic Site near by the Dead Sea: some information on lithics
A. Gopher, R. Barkai, C. Lemorini and H. Schechter

Cofee Break: 10,40-11,10

11,10-11,35 The lithic industry at the Early PPNB levels of Tell Qarassa North (Sweida, Southern Syria). Juan José IBÁÑEZ and Frank BRAEMER

11,35-12 The PPNA lithic assemblage of Hasankeyf Höyük: a microlith industry in the upper Tigris valley, SE Anatolia

12-12,25 The Lithic Assemblages of Gusir Höyük (Southeastern Turkey)
Çiler Altınbilek-Algül

12,25-12,50 Recent fieldwork at WF16: some preliminary thoughts on the interpretation of PPNA assemblage variability in southern
Jordan Sam SMITH

Lunch: 13-14,30

14,30-14,55 The Lithic Assemblages of Kfar HaHoresh, Israel: A Reappraisal
Dana Shaham, Lena Brailovsky and Nigel Goring-Morris

14,55-15,20 Observations on Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Lithic Variability and Regional Settlement Patterns in the Shephelah, Central Israel
Ofer Marder

15,20-15,45 Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Foragers in the Central and the Western Negev: a summary of recent investigations
Nigel Goring-Morris and Omry Barzilai

15,45-16,10 The sequence of chipped stone artifacts from the PPN site of Chogha Golan, Ilam Province, western Iran
Mohsen Zeidi and Nicholas J. Conard

Cofee Break: 16,10-16,40

16,40-17,05 Chipped Stone industry from excavation in PPN settlement of Tel-e Atashi, SE Iran
Mozhgan Jayez and Masoud RAHMATI

17,05-17,30 Chipped Stone Assemblage from Systematic Surface Survey in PPN Settlement of Tell-e Atashi in South-Eastern Iran
Maryam Shakooie

17,30-17,55 Changes in the Pottery Neolithic flaked stone industries from the late 7th to the early 6th millennium BC in Fars, southwest Iran
Yoshihiro NISHIAKI

17,55-18,20 Discussion

Lithic Family Dinner

Date: 17th February
Place: Sala de Graus. Autonomous University of Barcelona, Bellaterra.

9-9,25 La région des « marges arides » et la diffusion du PPNB en Syrie intérieure.

9,25-9,50 The Early Cypriot Pre-Pottery Neolithic : new light from Amathus area.

9,50-10,15 The Neolithic of Lebanon: a critical statement of knowledge
Maya Haïdar-Boustani

10,15-10,40 The Near Eastern connections of the Neolithic in the Southern Caucasus: a lithic perspective
Zinovi Matskevich

Cofee Break: 10,40-11,10

11,10-11,35 Most southern occurrence of Pre-Pottery Neolithic (PPN) technology in Saudi Arabia

11,35-12 Obsidian Circulation in PPNA: The View from Hemmeh
Daniel A. CONTRERAS, Tristan CARTER, and Cheryl MAKAREWICZ

12-12,25 The Göllüdağ survey (2007-2011).
Nur Balkan-Atlı and Nurcan KAYACAN

12,25-12,50 Results of geochemical analyses of obsidian artefacts from the Neolithic site of Tell Labwe-South and the deep sounding at the site of Baalbek, Lebanon
L. Khalidi, B. Gratuze, M. Haidar-Boustani, J.J. Ibáñez and M. van Ess

Lunch: 13-14,30

The Consumption of Obsidian at Neolithic Çatalhöyük: A Long-Term Perspective
Tristan CARTER and Marina MILIĆ

The obsidian assemblage from Neolithic Hagoshrim, Israel: Pressure technology, craft specialization and trade.
Heeli C. Schechter, Ran Barkai, Ofer Marder and Avi Gopher

15,20-15,45 Of Neolithisation and Regionalism: Obsidian sourcing at PPNA Körtik Tepe (SE Turkey). Sarah GRANT, Tristan CARTER, Vecihi ÖZKAYA and Metin KARTAL

15,45-16,10 Towards an Archaeology of Pilgrimage: Sourcing Obsidian from the PPN Temple Complex of Göbekli
Tepe Tristan CARTER, François-Xavier LE BOURDONNEC, Gérard POUPEAU and Klaus SCHMIDT

Cofee Break: 16,10-16,40

16,40-17,05 Arpachiyah obsidians: their context
Stuart CAMPBELL and Elizabeth HEALEY

17,05… Discussion