Publicações XV

Título: Dólmenes de Antequera. Tutela y valorización hoy.
Colecção: PH cuadernos, nº 23
Editor: Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico

Coord. Científico: Bartolomé Ruiz González
Data: 2009

In this article we define further the institution of the Antequera dolmens. Using a conceptual approach, we analyse, evaluate and propose ideas for the protection and valorization of the monuments and thus lay the groundwork for the development of a master plan. Our objective is to develop a strategy of debate with the maximum of academics, scientists and citizens from Antequera and the rest of Andalusia, in order to achieve a planning vehicle with a high degree of consensus. In this way, a reference national heritage institution will be formed within the community that has the fundamental objectives of contributing to the diffusion of Antequera Millennium and stimulating prehistoric research in Andalusia".

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